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About Project Zero

One stop energy shop!

Project Zero is a specialized wholesaler for installers, electricians and professionals in the E-Install market. We sell components for the PV market: panels, inverters, but also home batteries, electric car chargers and a catalogue of over 850 functional LED lightings.

Forget Bigger and Better. We stay close to what we offer. Suppliers are as important as customers. Without them we cannot offer the quality, price and service to our customers. Our customers are people to us, not numbers. Quiet offices are boring - we are looking for the real contact. Come and have a coffee so we can show you what we got !

Our focus is the Smart Green Building. Produce Power. Reduce consumption and Transport or Store Energy. A real challenge for the E-Consumer in 2021. We offer the components to build the Smart Green Home. We cannot change the future. But we try to offer the bricks to build a greener world, today.

See you, someday. We will try to get you to ZERO consumption and emission.

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