DOMFIBWALLPLUG - Fibaro Wall plug

Product ref: FGWPE101

ProductOverview: Fibaro Wall Plug, with power metering feature, is an intelligent, ultimate plug play, most sophisticated, extremely compact, remotely controlled outlet adapter. This highly functional wall plug can be applied wherever there's a need to control electrical devices of maximum 2,5 kW power output, while monitoring power consumption in a convenient and maintenance-free way. Crystal LED ring informs about the current load of the connected appliance by visually changing its colour. ProductHighlights: Current and historical power consumption measuring, Power consumption level visualisation with the use of crystal, colour changing, LED ring, Controlled through other Fibaro devices or any Z-Wave controller, Microprocessor controlled, Smallest device of the type in the world. TechnicalData: Power Source 110 - 230 V AC 10% 50/60Hz, Rated operational output voltage: 11A/230V AC 50/60Hz - continuous load, Power consumption: up to 0,8W, Output power for resistive loads: 2,5 kW continuous load, In accordance with UE standards: EN 55015 (noise), EN 60669-2-1 (operational safety) Circuit temperature limit: 105 C, Operational temperature: 0 - 40 C, For use with sockets (Compatible with each EU plug: CEE 7/16 - max load. 2,5A; CEE 7/17 - max load 16A; and dual type plugs E/F), Radio protocol: Z-Wave, Radio frequency: 868,4 MHz EU, Antenna range: up to 50 m outdoors / up to 30 m indoors (depending on building materials), Dimensions (D x H): 43 x 65 mm.